It all starts with the right attitude.

Skypiom Online Personality & Cognitive Ability Profiling Suite (SOPCAPS)


Too often employees are onboarded based on only the skill set that they possess, instead of coupling this to the attitude of the individual. Skills can always be taught, but an ingrained attitude is unique to each character and this is what sets suitable staff apart from the unsuitable.


SOPCAPS allows an organisation to quickly identify the perfect employee for its business based on the candidate's ingrained attitude and inherent personality traits.


Personalities are profiled by completing the scientifically based IPIP-NEO personality assessment. The IPIP-NEO focusses on “The Big Five”, namely Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience.  The assessment also comprises a Cognitive Abilities section.


The organisation can set a user’s profile as a master search profile based on a top performing employee against which other profiles are compared, or alternatively create a unique master search profile based on prerequisites.


The organisation can now "clone" top performing employees and understand the personality and cognitive ability of the potential employee before ever meeting them, as well as search for ideal candidates already within the organisation's employ.

SOPCAPS Overview.

  • Optional value added module on KMS

  • Used for career pathing, recruitment and promotion process

  • Designed and economically built for large-scale roll out

  • HPCSA approved as "test under development" and EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists' Associations) approval ready

  • Compare two or more employees, irrespective of background
  • No norms, and thus no cultural, sex and age related bias. Norms are based on the organisation's culture

  • Unlimited user profile retention

  • Approved for self assessment (no psychologist / psychometrist required)

  • Downloadable 9 page report, including definitions as well as interpretation guidelines

  • Downloadable variance report highlighting the variance between potential / existing employees and an ideal search profile