More measurability.

Mobile friendly.

The KMS.

Easy implementation & management.

Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a modern, cloud-based system that was purposefully designed from the ground up without any legacy restrictions that are typically old, inflexible and hard to use. The platform is not a white label system but instead Skypiom owns the intellectual property of the KMS. This in turn means that the platform as well as customer related changes and fluctuations can be addressed swiftly and without protracted involvement of external vendors.


The KMS is deployment ready, easy to integrate and roll out.


While most Learning Management Systems (LMS) merely focus on taking content to the learner, the KMS is poised to support and measure the entire training environment. The KMS packs a myriad of standard and advanced functionality, not commonly found on standard LMSs thus delivering value to the learner and organisation alike.


The KMS supports digital learning in full, is aligned to the QCTO's and SAQA's accredited training requirements for eLearning, and allows for classroom / instructor-led training.


In addition to observational / practical assessing, the KMS makes provision for a micro learning environment, moderation, free-text / formative and summative assessing, reselling of content including a payment gateway, affinity and post course measurement, performance management as well as portfolio of evidence, to name but a few.

Classes of Service

Unlimited system administrators, contributors, authors and users.

Dedicated Support

Telephonic, email and ticket support included at no additional cost.

Subsidiaries / Branching

Fragment the KMS into multiple braches, which are treated as freestanding KMS accounts.


Create and sell courses online, either to other KMS customers or to the public.

  • HPCSA approved personality and cognitive ability profiling suite that allows customers to “clone” top performing employees
  • eCommerce: reselling / making content available to external stakeholders / companies including members of the public
  • KMS supports Kirkpatrick Levels 1 - 4
  • View content online or download content, which is specified by the course author
  • Downloading of content can be restricted
  • Determine affinity rating of learner towards subject matter for career pathing purposes
  • 140 optional soft skills courses available
  • Learner feedback loops for course quality improvement
  • Optional restricted course progression based on prior course / module / assessment completion
  • Free & automatic updates
  • Managed services / provisioned support options available

KMS Features.




  • Endorsed by the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP)
  • Centralised turnkey platform that is affordable
  • Cloud based = access from anywhere at any time; no dedicated apps / software required
  • Access from any device and operating system





  • Dedicated 3 month training, comprising on-site handover
  • Unlimited and free email, telephone & ticketing support, integrated into the KMS



Users & Learners


  • Billed for users learners only
  • Indefinite profile retention of inactive users for statistical and compliance purposes at no additional cost






  • Unlimited & free content storage
  • No reliance on SCORM
  • No expensive authoring tools required: the KMS supports Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, PDF, MP4, MP3, YouTube etc.
  • Built in easy-to-use course editor comprising various parameters (expiry, test mode, auto re-enrolment etc.)
  • Uncomplicated creation of new course versions to allow for easy content updates
  • Content can be made available in library or restricted





  • Built in online question bank editor
  • Unlimited question banks, comprising unlimited questions per bank
  • Support for unlimited question groups
  • Various randomisation options
  • Surveys / MCQ / free-text & observational assessing
  • Formative / summative assessing





  • Truly granular measurability due to non reliance on antiquated SCORM standard
  • Detailed trend analysis and comparatives
  • Measure & track competencies and averages
  • Learner activity, engagement & progress
  • Assessment / course completion rates



Unique Features


  • Classroom / ILT management, including facilitator, venue, duration, cost, seat availability, role call etc.
  • Practical assessing / auditing capabilities
  • Integrated micro learning environment
  • Verified identity of learner (under development)
  • Flexible performance management
  • Hosted on words largest server environment (AWS) comprising multiple backups
  • Various integration options, including OIDC and API
  • Multi lingual, including provision for time zones
  • Custom colour scheme
  • Optional Two-Factor Authentication
  • Varying user hierarchies as defined by the customer
  • Extensive scoring options including negative and weighted scoring possibilities
  • Career pathing via answer analysis
  • Moderation capabilities
  • Generate custom PDF certificates and Open Badges upon successful completion of assessment
  • Learner feedback loops for assessment quality improvement
  • Time spent on courses / assessments
  • Learner proficiency including trends (even historical, due to retention of learner data)
  • Assessment and content ambiguity analysis
  • Compare eLearning to classroom efficacy
  • Facilitator measurement and comparability