Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Training Evaluation

for eLearning & Classroom Training

With between 600 and 700 Learning Management System's (LMS) to choose from worldwide, the decision of implementing a LMS can be an extremely daunting proposition, especially for the uninitiated. Despite the tremendous offering, the majority of the 600 - 700 LMS's worldwide are primarily centred around content dissemination, meaning that their prime objective is making content available to learners. While this in itself forms part of learning and development, there is a key component missing: measurability.


There are very few, if any, successful organisations that do not measure their activities in significant detail; think marketing, business development, finance and operations. Yet, despite costing an organisation a tremendous portion of revenue, training has not received the kind of meaningful quantification it deserves.


Enter Skypiom's Knowledge Management System (KMS).


Skypiom's Knowledge Management System is a next-generation powerful, intuitive and easy to implement Learning Management System that is endorsed by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). The Knowledge Management System's unique differentiating factor is granular measurability surrounding the entire training environment, which is underpinned by the platform's robust system architecture that allows for easy deployment and infinite scaling.

The KMS fully supports eLearning as well as classroom training and yields solutions for micro learning, instructor led / observational training, moderation, formative / summative assessing as well as performance management.


The KMS is primed to quantify, inter alia, the value that training delivers to the organisation. This is achieved by having deeply ingrained the globally accepted Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Training Evaluation model within the system. This gives training professionals the ability to measure the learner reaction (level 1) and learning results (level 2), as well as changes in learner behaviour effected by training (level 3) and results such as return on expectations (level 4). The true value of any training environment is being able to objectively quantify levels 3 and 4, which most LMS' simply cannot support.


The KMS has been designed around a native cloud application and has future-proofed the platform by omitting the antiquated SCORM standard. As a result, Skypiom has full access to previously inaccessible data sets, which is one of the unique propositions of the platform: sheer measurability of the entire training environment coupled with granular and meaningful reporting.


The KMS is ideally suited for both small businesses and enterprises alike, and delivers a turnkey value proposition that easily and seamlessly integrates into other systems.

Easy to implement, manage & integrate.

  • Turnkey and scalable deployment


  • Optimised for any device

  • Easy integration into existing management systems

  • Single sign-on capabilities

  • Live, ongoing and local support included

  • On premise training for company administrators

  • Assistance with implementation plan & roll out
  • Collaboration and support with change management

  • No need for SCORM based authoring tools: use existing toolsets such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, MP4 videos and YouTube

  • Uncomplicated course creation, directly on the KMS

  • 140 soft skill courses ready for immediate consumption

  • Various automated processes, such as group & scheduled enrolments and reporting

  • Affordable total cost of ownership

Solid Business Intelligence.  Solid Reporting.  Solid Return.