Micro Learning.

Minimising disruption.
Maximising learning.

Continuous Learning of Coordinated Knowledge (CLOCK)


The CLOCK module is a unique and powerful learning tool: it assesses a learner's ability while also imparting relevant knowledge specific to the question.


Each morning, on predetermined days as set by the company administrator, the learner receives a question in their inbox together with a progress and status indicator. The learner simply clicks the link that will redirect them to the question; no login into the KMS is required - a secure token allows brief access for only that user onto their profile in order to answer the question.


After the learner submits their answer the question is immediately scored and the correct answer together with a brief explanation on the subject matter is presented to the learner.


What makes the CLOCK module an attractive tool is the negligible administrative overhead as well as a minimally disruptive learning experience.

Integrated into the KMS.  Easy to setup.  Simply amazing results.

  • Enrol unlimited learners in to any number of simultaneous CLOCK assessments

  • Optional automatic re-enrolment ensures that the assessment is ongoing

  • Questions (that can be randomised) are leveraged from existing Question Banks

  • Questions are automatically sent to learner email accounts on predefined days
  • Can be used for assessing only or questions can be coupled with relevant learning snippets

  • CLOCK content can contain rich media, such as images and video

  • Learners can provide feedback during the question as well as answer phase

  • Automatic managers / supervisor report options ensures complete oversight