What's in a name?

Measurability & return.

As a result of the KMS being a true cloud based system, whereby a cloud sits in the “sky”, this prefix appropriately described the underlying architecture of the platform.


P simply for “professional”.


The suffix of “axiom”, whereby axiom is defined as an established statement or proposition, which is regarded as a self-evident truth. This relates to Skypiom’s most powerful differentiating factor, namely granular reporting capabilities, which outline the true candor and facts of a training environment.


With a proven record of companies founded and managed, both Dietmar Frey and Thomas Kritzer have engaged in environments that require extensive training, which include the telephony managed service sector as well as the aviation industry. In both instances heavy reliance is placed on training and educating, whereby both elements are time consuming, resource intensive and, above all, recurring.

Dietmar Frey


With more than 30 years experience in the software technology business, along with exposure to other industries and startup scenarios, Dietmar continues to play a strategic role at Skypiom, including product definition and positioning, value proposition, sales methodology, internal processes and international options.


Dietmar is deeply engrained in the Knowledge Management System's development process, including strategic deployment such as the deployment of the KMS onto Amazon Web Services. His deep understanding of software development coupled with a future-proofing mindset allows Dietmar to conceptualise modules that are not only beneficial but imperative for organisations.

Thomas Kritzer

Managing Director

Thomas is at the forefront of the business development and client interaction centre. Thomas executes agreed upon plans, manages the entire sales, marketing and market response process together with a team of insightful product specialists, super-users, senior developers and support coordinators,  and provides a solid company infrastructure geared for scalability.


Thomas has a deep understanding of the training environment, which stems primarily from the aviation sector, the terms "compliance", "reproducible" and "measurable" form commonplace of his vocabulary.

Skypiom Timeline

Skypiom's Knowledge Management System is endorsed by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), the professional body for human resource practices.


A fresh and intuitive user interface is launched that works seamlessly on all operating systems, with a focus on mobile (tablet / smartphone) consumption.

SOPCAPS Developed

The first version of the KMS is developed. The foundation is set for cloud hosting coupled with granular data access for intuitive and functional reporting.

Skypiom is Founded

SABPP Endorsed

The Skypiom Online Personality & Cognitive Ability Profiling Suite (SOPCAPS) is approved by the HPCSA as a "test under development", allowing for commercial distribution.

New User Interface Launched

Skypiom develops the Skypiom Online Personality & Cognitive Ability Profiling Suite. Data collection commences for Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

KMS Developed